What My Daughter Hates About Her iPod

What My Daughter Hates About Her iPod - Pamela Farmer

I know what you are thinking. Another picky teenager complaining about the small things in life. That assumption would be correct. She hates everything about her iPod because it isn’t the newest iPod. She mostly complains about how she wants more music to fit on her iPod. I am not technologically intelligent so my response tends to always be something simple. Her father occasionally appeases her by saying that he will get her a new iPod but we don’t have the extra money for that.

We need to find a solution that will make her happy and not leave us broke. We visited many stores within driving distance but with no luck. We searched and searched for a good memory card to no avail. What more can we do? We even asked our friends and they suggested the ones we had already looked at. We were on the verge of giving up until we both realized that we had not looked around online.

We found some of the ones we had seen in stores and then we found cheaper ones. However, the cheaper ones didn’t seem to be the best quality. We were not going to buy something that would end up breaking on us quickly. This was something for our daughter and therefore, we would be smart about choosing the item we bought.

After looking around on multiple online stores, one of the items we saw was Industrial CompactFlash. It wasn’t too expensive but it didn’t seem like it was bad quality either. As parents, we decided to take a chance and hope that this would be something our daughter would like. Are we happy we took that chance? Yes, we are. It was a smart purchase, inexpensive and good quality. Industrial CompactFlash allows our daughter to have an extra of 2,000 songs added to her iPod.

She couldn’t be happier and neither could we. Our daughter isn’t complaining and we saved money. What is there to complain about? Industrial CompactFlash is something everyone should own, especially if they love music. Industrial CompactFlash is one of the best memory cards out there. If you want a memory card with plenty of space for songs or other things then you should buy an Industrial CompactFlash. It is a purchase that you won’t regret. It is worth every penny and then some.