Visit to the Dock with Grandpa

Visit to the Dock with Grandpa - Pamela Farmer

My grandfather used to drive a truck transporting goods from one state to another for most of his life. After he figured that that he was getting old and was no longer capable of doing the job any more, he shifted back to a dock job . Due to driving trucks all his life, he didn't want to get himself separated from trucks and the dock. So the most suitable job in this regard was definitely at the dock.

He became a supervisor at the city's dock and joined about a month previously. When he came to our home for Sunday dinner I asked him about his new job. He seemed very satisfied and content and invited me to visit him at the dock someday and see how his grandpa works over there. I accepted his offer and thought to visit him someday.

Finally one day I was idle and decided to visit my grandpa to his dock. I also took one my very good friend along me as he had never been to a dock before. We reached dock at evening and the sun was about to set. The wind was chilly but overall it was a pleasant evening. My grandpa was very happy to see me and my friend there and he offered us tea with sandwiches, which were really delicious. Soon we were done with supper and grandpa then took us to a location where plenty of trucks were being loaded.

I have been to a dock few years back but my friend was visiting for the first time. I couldn't notice much difference apart from some tools that were set up along with truck and were quite big and large, that I haven't seen before. I am an inquisitive person by nature and I asked my grandpa about those tools. Grandpa smiled and said that he was about to tell me about those tools. He said that he didn't get a chance to install those in his own truck but now he recommends every driver to install them in their trucks. It was called a truck restraint system which had the job of restraining a truck from any unrequired movement, keeping the truck in a stationary position no matter the size or height of the truck.

Grandpa told us that since many drivers had started using this system, accidents were reduced manifold. My friend and I really enjoyed our trip and we left the dock after sunset.