There Is Something in His Eyes

There Is Something in His Eyes - Pamela Farmer

I saw him again on the Metro heading home. He always takes the same spot, always reading a book…a different book couple of weeks. I could tell he is an avid reader. What I couldn’t guess was whether he was sapiosexual like me. Did he enjoy having intellectual fantasies? And could he create one?

Oops! He caught me staring again. Damn! I think it was the third time now. By this point, I couldn't be helped; I just wanted to look at him; watch him read; smile with him at the pages he smiled at, and raise eye browe at the pages that prompted him to do just that. He lwas handsome, immersed in his world of intellect. Yet I wondered whether he had ever noticed me.

By now he should have definitely noticed that we rode the same train, right? Or could he have noticed that I actually let two trains leave so I could catch the exact train he catches every evening? Is that stalking? But all I wanted was to look at his graying stubble which matched the white glistening strands on his head. His face showed a mature age and one full of experience about both the good and bad of the world. He was wise.

I wanted him to myself but I didn’t know if he felt the same way. Did he know if I spent nights thinking of a conversation I could have with him? What could he possibly be interested in? I knew for a fact that he was a book lover. And the topics of the books he read always pointed to economics. So what did I know about the world’s economy? Perhaps I should start a conversation about Wall Street. Had he seen the movie yet? No that a discussion would last if I was deriving all my knowledge from the movie.

Ah, Yes! Maybe he would be interested in the economy of Africa, or perhaps oil in the Middle East. I came back to my senses and this time he was staring straight into my eyes and I froze. My eyes had wondered again and this time I could not hide myself. As if he noticed I froze, he smiled and offered a polite wave. I found myself waving back with a sheepish smile on my face.

Oh my! He could make me smile involuntarily! He is the guy I need. The metro train arrived at my stop and I rose quickly so I could stop blushing. I hurried out and disappeared in a corner to breathe. I let out one heavy sigh then I heard a tap on my shoulder. I turned and it was him! “I believe this is your SATA Dom? You dropped it,” he said, and he handed it to me.

There was something in his eyes and I shall never forgot that look.