Neighbours at work

Neighbours at work - Pamela Farmer

I swear there’s basically never a day that goes by when my next door neighbour isn’t working on something or other around his house. It’s somewhat admirable. After all, my husband is next to useless when it comes to even the most basic of DIY work. It can get a little bit irritating when I’m trying to settle down after a tough day at work and all I can hear is banging and sawing while my neighbour works on his next project.

At the moment, it looks like he is doing some work in the back garden and yesterday he took delivery of this enormous awning in Montreal that I assume is going to be part of some new patio area. Again I feel a little tinge of jealousy as our back garden isn’t exactly the most inviting area in the world and could certainly do with a touch of sprucing up so we could make the most of it. Unfortunately for us we would have to find a company that could install an awning on Montreal, as neither one of use would stand a chance of getting it up by ourselves.

This makes me wonder what exactly the neighbour is going to do when it comes time to put the awning Montreal up. Even if he is good with his hands, he’s not so good that he could install the entire thing without even a little bit of help. Somehow I suspect that he won’t be roping my husband into a day’s labour. Not unless he wants his awning in Montreal installed backwards or something. I just assume that he has a friend or two that will come over to help him once he has completed the work on the patio itself.

I’m starting to feel a little bit nosy now, as I can’t see the whole thing by looking over the fence. My neighbours are good people to be fair so I think I’ll have a chat with them the next time I see them out and about and find out what they actually have planned. You never know, maybe I could convince them to take a look at our back garden and help us out a little bit. After all, it does get a little bit tiresome to come home every evening and see how much-wasted space there is out there. Especially in the summer when we could be out enjoying ourselves.