My Small Business

My Small Business - Pamela Farmer

I had started my journey as a small business owner who was not much aware of what awaited me ahead. It was a small start-up as I was in dire need of money, and so I started a business which I could afford. And the Toronto SEO Company helped get me to the place where I stand now.

I started a knitting business as this was the art I knew fully. I had learned the art from my granny since I was a kid and I had been practicing it with any spare time I had. I would knit scarves, socks, pouches and many other things for myself, my sisters and friends. As time passed, I gained perfection and I was able to create designs which stunned everyone. It was silently becoming my passion, I knew it. However, I now created more products and every time we had a fair at school, I would sell them and earn a tidy profit.

Then the times changed and I had to consider altnernative ways of earning. One day I was sitting, sad and alone when the idea hit me. I can start a knitting business, I thought happily. I immediately jumped out of my couch and headed towards the Toronto SEO Company, which I had recently seen in an advertisement. I needed to know what needed to be done to start off as a small business owner and other details and the complexities involved.

I rushed as I couldn’t wait to get there. As soon as I got there, I felt warmly received by the company’s professional staff in a soothing and calm environment. The representatives were very cooperative and upon knowing that I was a person totally new to the area, they helped me grasp the knowledge from scratch and guided me about what needed to be done.

I was told that the business would start off as a site which would then get promoted over the internet with the help of search engine optimization techniques. Because the standing of any business depends upon its fame and the clients, search engine optimization would help me generate traffic which would lead to the promotion of my business. The idea appealed to me and I asked the company to start whatever was necessary from that day.

In the evening I received a phone call from the company which said that my website was ready and all set to start off my business. I jumped with joy and turned on my laptop to proceed with my venture.