Moving? No thanks!

Moving? No thanks! - Pamela Farmer

If I would have to do it again, moving from one province to another, I wouldn't do it. It’s a hassle. It’s a pain in the butt. Beside the all preparations that a move implies, from packing, finding a carrier, unpacking, (which I totally hate, by the way), there are other things that need to be taken in considerations. Like forwarding the mail, registering with the governmental institutions in order to be able to maintain or get the benefits you were having prior to the move. Add two young kids in this equation, and you have a recipe for disaster. Or if not disaster, at least a massive headache.

I don't know where to start. Ok, let's talk about the mail forwarding option offered by Canada Post. Because I wanted to ensure I don’t miss any valuable mail, I purchased the Mail Forwarding service for 12 months, and I paid little over hundred dollars. The person at the counter reassured me that all my envelopes would be sent to the new address. I did this purchase thirty days before the start of service, hoping that everything will be mailed in time.

Well, my assumptions were wrong.

First, I used to receive my envelopes within a three days’ time frame. Now it takes from five to ten days to get the regular envelopes, like the electricity or bank bills.

Secondly, Canada Post failed to mention to me that the government envelopes don’t get forward. I have been waiting for my tenant’s rent cheque for almost two weeks. Usually I received almost a week before the end of each month. I had to go back and forth with the government institution who issued the cheque for my tenant, in order to have a new cheque. They had to do an investigation, to see what happens, if anyone cashed it or not. Eventually, after twenty one days of waiting, I received a call from them, asking me to go pick it up in person. That meant I had to leave my work earlier, and pass by their office, which was located on the opposite side of the town.

The same thing happened to my son's birth certificate. I have applied online for a new certificate since I lost his previous one, and I was supposed to have it mailed to me, within maximum six weeks. I never got it. When I contacted the office of the Director of the civil status, they told me it was sent. It got lost in the mail, as well!

I wonder if only small envelopes get lost in the mail, or big items do too! One of the other days, I was thinking to take a huge box (like the one from my mini cnc cutting table, or from the stove I purchased recently) and send it by Canada Post to my mom's address. Just to see if it makes there. But then, I thought it was pointless. I would just be wasting money.