The Mouse Problem

The Mouse Problem - Pamela Farmer

On a whim, I decided to have an air quality testing Montreal company to come around to carry out some testing for me the other day. I’d heard of the horror stories about various contagions and other air quality issues that can cause damage to the people in a home, so I figured I’d have somebody come in and do a full sweep of the place to make sure I’m not at risk.

All I can say to anybody reading this is that you need to get air quality testing carried out as soon as possible. It really can help you to resolve issues that you may not even have known were there.

For me that meant finding out that I have a rat infestation. It’s not anywhere visible in the house and I’ve never seen a single rat. However the air quality testing picked up a lot of particles in the air caused by rat droppings. I’ve been breathing that in for who knows how long!

What I need to do now is try to locate the source of the problem so that I can get it rectified. After all, the air quality testing has only helped me find the problem. I need to have somebody else come in to actually solve it.

The good news is that there doesn’t appear to be any issues other than the droppings, which I still can’t find hide nor hair of, so I at least only have one thing that I need to focus on.

I just want to be able to find a shred of evidence before I put a call into a pest control company to get rid of the problem for good. It just seems so weird to me that I can’t find anything, but I’ve been told that it is most likely that the droppings are likely under floorboards and in walls, so unless I’m going to tear the house up I’m not going to find them.

The problem is that, if I don’t find them, I’m just going to end up breathing all of that stuff in again. Regardless, I think it’s about time that I call in the pest control company to see what they can do about the issue. Hopefully they will be able to give me some more advice that will mean not doing any more damage to my house.