Mold In Our House

Mold In Our House - Pamela Farmer

It was our fourth month since we had moved to Montreal. I liked the city due to its location and had always wanted to go there especially since my husband had got a new job there. How nature plans for you, I thought. Anyway, life was carrying on perfectly. We would go out every evening and explore the city. It was quite amazing and we were starting to have more interest in it.

We were living in an apartment on the second floor. The first month had been very busy as I had been cleaning it thoroughly and setting it. Deciding on the right place for the right piece was a difficult task and I did not want to compromise. We were married six months earlier and I in no way wanted my husband to feel that I lacked aesthetic sense. So I had been carefully planning the setting and had been doing it by myself. From the sofas to the wall hangings and frames, everything was in perfect harmony and accordance to my preferences. And as I expected, he liked it. He liked it very much.

Our apartment had two bedrooms, a TV lounge and a drawing room, and of course a kitchen. I am a very homey type of person since forever so I wanted to play with the setting and the décor. After our fourth month, I decided to change the setting of the lounge as summer was approaching and I wanted to have it set in light colors which would complement the weather.

It was a Thursday morning when, after seeing off my hubby, I decided to start off my campaign. I had the feature wall covered with a wall paper and when removing the wooden paintings from its spot I was shocked to see mold grow on it. I was aware of mold and knew very well that if not treated at an early stage, they can grow across other things, destroying them as they belong to a group of fungi. And that was something I did not want at any cost.

I immediately contacted my neighbors as they had been settled in Montreal for many years and asked them about mold removal Montreal. Luckily, they had the number of a mold removal company which I took and called on it to talk to the company’s representative about the problem.