A loan? Maybe...

A loan? Maybe... - Pamela Farmer

My friend got hired recently by a company of private lender. Ever since she got this position, she kept on talking about of the benefits of getting a loan or a private mortgage. It did not matter that I was not interested, nor that I didn’t need one, she continued to tell me that it would be a great opportunity for me. 

Maybe I should start by saying that a few months back I confessed to her, I was planning to build my studio and go back to painting. When I said that, I also mentioned that it was  a side project and that I was not going to quit my day job in order to follow my old dream of being an artist. As for upgrading my storage room into a studio, that required a lot of time and resources that I was not having. 

Ever since I revealed my idea to her, she did not waste one chance of telling me that I could get a loan from her employer. She said that I was the perfect candidate for them, and that I would be granted the loan without any problem. She even went further into details, and talked to me numbers. 

I think she got carried away and became far more excited than I was about the whole thing. I tried to ask her politely to let it be, explaining it was not the proper moment, but she would not take no for an answer. 

In the beginning, I was touched that she tried to help and spend a lot of time trying to convince me. But then, when she insisted on and on, it started to bother me. It got annoying to the point that I told her to drop any comment referring my studio, otherwise I would not talk to her anymore.

This evening, I found out the real reason behind all this story. She was pushing me to get a loan, because she would have benefitted from that, as her employer was offering an incentive for bringing in new clients. 

That news made me feel used and I was really disappointed. I was expecting my friend to be honest with me. I would have appreciated if she had told me straight from the beginning about the incentive. When I think of it, I might even said yes to the loan, seeing that would benefit us both.