The complete make over

The complete make over - Pamela Farmer

During my last outing with the girls I ran into one of my exes. I could not believe how great he looked. He was in his best shape ever. He had lost the stomach, pumped up some muscles, changes his hairstyle and ditched his previous way of dressing. I was stunned.

Who would have ever thought that he would turn into a hot guy? Certainly not me! Now I can say that I dated a really hot guy. Though he wasn’t looking the same way when we were going out.

My friend could not helped herself and she asked him what had happened to him, what magical spell he casted to turn him into Prince Charming. He started to laugh and replied shortly: “conditioning training! That’s my secret.”

Then he wished us a great evening and headed towards his buddies who were waiting for him at the bar. We all watched him walking away until he sat down on one of the tool wooden stools at the bar.

Throughout the evening, I noted that once in a way he was checking us out, trying to see if we were still there. Each time our eyes met, he smiled or winked at me. While I was talking with the girls about it, I realized that his new look made me be interested in him again, despite the fact that years back, I was the one who ended our relationship.

It was strange feeling to feel attracted to him again after all these years. I wondered if he was thinking about me as well. I told myself that he was just being friendly and that everything was just within my mind, that my imagination was running wild, playing tricks on me.

When we left the terrace, the girls and I chatted a few more minutes in the parking lot then each one of us headed to her car. I was just about to reverse, when I heard someone calling my name. My window was down and when I turned my head, there he was, looking at me. In a few seconds he had got closer to my car and put his hand on my door.

I smiled back and tried to hide my surprised face and act as if everything was normal. All that I could come up with was a “What’s up?” He paused and then asked me if I still had the same phone number. It was my turn to go through a moment of silence. I nodded my head as a yes. He added that he would have like to call me once in a way in order to go grab a cup of coffee together.