Beware of Big Brother in the Work Place

Beware of Big Brother in the Work Place - Pamela Farmer

Psst. Come here a moment. Seriously. I need to tell you about something and you should hear this, or read it I guess. Do you know that if you work at a company and use their computers they are monitoring everything you do? Seriously. I am not kidding.

Hey, I know people that work for paving contractors Edmonton and they tell me the truth. Most employers set up systems so that they can monitor the productivity of the employees and protect their system from unauthorized things going on with their computers. The reality is that employees steal customer data to use for themselves or to sell. That is what happened at that movie company. An inside job cost the company millions. It is a real concern.

But there is much more to their Big Brother approach with you than just keeping their information safe. They want to know what you are doing on your computers during the work day. Been on Facebook. Well, they know it. Often times they can see the messages you are sending and what you are receiving.

Think that is bad? I heard that a woman turned on her webcam to let her boyfriend watch her enjoy herself at her desk. What she didn’t realize was that the security staff and the president of the company go to enjoy her as well. Like six people watched this woman pleasure herself. She was fired, but not before everyone knew exactly why. This is what goes on.

Businesses want to protect their organizations so they approach IT companies in Mississauga to find the best ways to protect their investment. That means that they often have spyware on everyone’s computers so they can see exactly what is going on in their company. They are capturing the images on your screen, keeping track of the pages and websites you are working on, seeing the customer’s whose data you are accessing and, yes, turning on your webcam at times to see what you are doing.

That is what most creeps out most people are that they are watching you on your desk webcam, and the saddest part is that you may never know it. They can turn the camera on without the light coming on and so you would never know. That means if you are picking your nose, sleeping at your desk, or putting on a show for your boyfriend they know.

Just thought you should know.