The adrenaline junkie

The adrenaline junkie - Pamela Farmer

Two weeks ago, when I returned from my trip to Alberta, my boyfriend and I, had a huge fight which unfortunately lead to us going on separated ways. We had been together for almost one year, but we never travelled together.

I came to the conclusion that you do not really know someone until you take that person out of his or her environment and expose him (her) to new experiences. I used to think everyone can cope with change or at least tolerate it. The two weeks I was on the road with my ex-boyfriend proofed me I was wrong.

To start my story from the beginning, we decided to spend two weeks away from home. We agreed on going to Alberta and see the Rockies. I proposed to rent an R.V. and go around. I always wanted to travel the country in a R.V.

Probably, because I loved my parent’s stories from their trip in a mobile home. They crossed the country in it. Before I was born, they took one year off and just drove around North America. They started in P.E.I. and drove all the way to Vancouver. Then they headed South towards Los Angeles. They went to Vegas, and from there they crossed the Southern states and came up on the East Coast. For each state or major city they would have a funny story to tell.

So, me and my boyfriend, we flew to Calgary where we had a motor home waiting for us upon arrival. The first day on the road was filled with excitement. Us both, we were happy with the comfort of our new house on wheels. From the second day, although we had already agreed on an itinerary, my ex started to act weird. It`s true, we were not on a schedule, and the vehicle allowed us to go at our own pace.

But stopping each thirty kilometers on the Alberta asphalt, just to breath the air, or chasing I don't know what wild animal we had a glimpse of, was not on my to-do-list. Not to mention that it was a dangerous and stupid idea which could have got us injured or even killed. We saw a bear cub close to the road and he stopped to take photos of it.

Pointless to say I was scared that the mother bear was around and she could have attacked us. I tried to convince him not to get off the vehicle, and take the shots from the inside, using his long lenses, but he never listened. He got down, walked couple of meters after the cub and only when he hear the mother bear grunting, he came running towards the RV. That`s only of the crazy things he did. There`s a long long list. He seemed to be a totally different person than the one I knew. I never saw that side of him, until we went in vacation together.

I wanted to drive from point A to point B, have a barbecue, or go out for lunch, then camp overnight, have a drink, make some s'mores, stay under the open sky and look at the stars while I`m having a drink with my boyfriend. I thought that was what he wanted as well.  Actually, I couldn't be more further to the truth. He acted like an adrenaline junkie the whole time.